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Handheld Hushpuppy Depositor

Donut/Hushpuppy Depositor

Floor model electric fryers produce high-quality donuts with low operating costs. The heavy-duty elements and other components are designed to give years of service. All fryers easily accommodate accessories such as Belshaw's Type B and Type F depositors, submergers, and a choice of standard or EZ Melt shortening filters. Power configurations are available for most international voltages.
The Belshaw Donut Robot machines deposit, fry, turn, and dispense cake donuts, yeast-raised donuts, and mini-donuts automatically. Training and labor requirements are substantially reduced while quality, repeatable donuts are produced time after time. Additionally, Donut Robot machines have been shown to reduce shortening use by up to 50%. We offer several models with capacity ranging from 450 to 1,500 per hour. Production is even higher for mini-donuts. For any of our machines, you can find accessories to put together a donut system that matches your specific needs.

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Handheld Donut Depositor

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Gas-heated open-kettle fryers are designed to consistently and efficiently produce high-quality donuts. Our controlled-combustion burner tube technology generates savings throughout the life of the fryer. These fryers accommodate the EZ Melt under-kettle shortening melter/filter as well as Belshaw Type B and Type F donut depositors.
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Hushpuppy Fryer

Easy-to-use submerger screens can be added to further improve production efficiency. Submerger screens are also available for either natural gas or liquid propane (a conversion kit is required for changeover). Available models include Model 724 gas fryer, with Type F cake donut depositor, EZMelt 24 melter/filter and donut submerger screen.