Donut Finishing Center

Glazer with handheld applicator, glazes 36 donuts at a time.


Finishing table with 3 hot and 4 cool pans for icing, glaze, sugar and sprinkles.

Belshaw’s Donut Finishing Center (DFC) is the solution when you need to make maximum use of limited space. Icing, glazing, sugaring, sprinkling – you can do all of those and more with the DFC. It contains 3 large and 4 medium size pans. The large (1/3 size) pans are radiant air-heated and designed for warmed donut icings. The medium (1/4 size) pans are unheated and suitable for sugar, sprinkles or any other ingredient. The Donut Finishing Center expands to  74 inches wide (188 cm) with two strong extensions providing lots of working space, or a place to put screens and bun pans. When not in use, extensions can be folded down again. There are 5 storage shelf brackets underneath if you run out of room on top.

3 large pans, heated

⅓ pan size, 4 quart (3.75 liter)

4 medium pans, unheated

¼ pan size, 3 quart (2.75 liter)

Heat type

Radiant air heat element

Full size when open

74 x 27 inch (188 x 69 cm)






Comparing the DFC (air-heated) vs. H&I icers (water-heated)

The Donut Finishing Center is supremely versatile. But if you are icing a lot of donuts, the convenience and ease of use of Belshaw H&I icers will provide the best overall results.



Ices, glazes, sugars, sprinkles – and has 7 pans to hold them all.

Does many things in a small space.

Extensions provide 2 useful work areas, one on either side.

Shelf brackets provide extra storage underneath.


Icing around the edge of the heated pans will overheat, unless regularly stirred.

H&I-2 , H&I-4 Icers


Each bowl rests in hot water. Icing stays in good condition for longer without stirring. Suitable for the best quality product.

Large bowls allow easy, convenient 2-handed dipping of donuts into icing.

Large 8 quart bowls hold double the amount of icing.


Water tank needs to be emptied and re-filled with hot water every day, unless it’s left on when not in use. Takes about 10-15 minutes.

No shelf storage brackets underneath.


No donut-making accessory is as versatile as the Donut Finishing Center!

  • Thermostat regulated radiant-air dry heat.
  • Three ⅓ size heated icing pans for icings (4 quart/5.3L).
  • Four ¼ size unheated pans for glaze, sugar and sprinkles ( 3 qt./3.7L).
  • 2 large foldable extensions, each 22 x 25 inch (559 x 635 mm).
  • 5 storage shelf brackets, for holding baking pans or screens.
  • Stainless steel construction throughout.
  • 4 stainless steel casters, (2 lockable).