Donut Robot® Mark II

Automatic fryer for standard size donuts, with an option for mini donuts. Capacity 30 dozen/hour, with electric power and heat.


Automatic fryer for standard size donuts, with an option for mini donuts. Capacity 30 dozen/hour, with electric power and heat.

Mark II produces high quality, well formed cake donuts right out of the box, and makes excellent raised donuts with a few accessories. With the mini donut option, you can make both full size and mini donuts. The Mark II is compatible with Insider Ventless and Donut Robot® Mark II systems. While the fryer works, you can take care of other business! There’s no easier, more dependable way to make donuts.

  • All electric donut machine, capacity approximately 37 dozen standard size donuts per hour
  • Deposits 2 standard donuts per conveyor row. A half-speed switch cuts output to 1 per row
  • Makes consistent, well rounded cake donuts with synchronized cake donut depositor
  • Makes excellent yeast raised donuts with the addition of optional Feed Table, Trays, and Cloths (see accessories)
  • Dial with generous range for adjusting size of cake donut
  • Makes mini donuts with optional mini donut hopper and plunger, which will deposit 4 minis per row. (Part # MK-1502-1, see accessories). Mini donut capacity will be approximately 109 dozen/hour
  • Electronic temperature controller – maintains temperature normally within ±1 degree
  • Speed is adjustable by dial on control panel
  • Outfeed belt dispenses donuts into collection device such as Roto-Cooler
  • Heavy duty elements which tilt upward when cleaning
  • High temperature shut-down switch
  • Hopper, plunger, conveyor, and kettle are all removable for easy cleaning
  • 1-9/16 inch Plain Plunger for Ring donuts
  • Single and 3 phase voltages available for all countries
  • North America models certified to UL, NSF and CSA
  • Machines shipped to European Union conform to CE regulations
  • Australia/NZ, Japan, and other worldwide models available
  • See below for accessories and options such as Roto-Cooler and EZMelt Filtration System
  • Compatible with Insider Ventless Cabinet
  • See “Related Products” for these and other options.

    You can also find the same products listed with Donut Robot® systems.

    • Drain and valve. Drains require a hole in the fryer’s supporting table.
    • Filtration. Choose EZMelt 18  or Filter-Flo siphon
    • Mini donut hopper/plunger kit (Part# MK-1502-1). For depositing 4 mini donuts per conveyor row. Changeover takes less than one minute. Max production is approximately 944 per hour (79 dozen) at 90 seconds frying time.
    • 1-13/16 inch Plunger (46 mm). This large size plunger enables you to increase the size of your donuts up to 3¾ inches (95 mm) – the maximum that can fit between the bars. This plunger currently available only with North America 240V/60/1 model, Item #22635.