Belshaw’s industrial grade proofer compatible with High Volume Donut Systems.


Industrial proofer for wholesale donut production, with steam injection, PLC temperature and humidity control of multiple proof zones, makeup line and fryer synchronization, and sizing to match fryer capacity and proof time requirements. A “Pass Through” option is available for easy access to both left and right side of the donut line if needed.

Capacity (approximate) 15,840 to 29,520 pieces/hour (1320 – 2460 dozen)

Temperature Up to 120°F (49°C).

Relative humidity 35% to 85%

Belshaw High Volume Industrial donut line

Each Belshaw High Volume Industrial Proofer can be engineered to include the specific requirements of your bakery.

  • 10 standard donuts per proofer basket.
  • Number of baskets in proofer to match fryer capacity and proof time requirements.
  • PLC touch screen control of all operations, including:
    • Up to 99 proofing ‘Recipes’ with temperature, humidity and auto loading speed for different products
    • Temperature and humidity for each proofer section
    • Product count (loaded baskets only)
    • System alerts
    • Built in maintenance schedule.
    • Custom functions
  • Range of common settings:
    • Temperature 95° to 115° F,
    • Relative humidity 50% to 65%,
    • Proof time 30 to 50 minutes
  • Computer controlled pneumatics for :
    • Steam heated heat exchangers for temperature control.
    • Steam injection for humidity control.
  • Precise, adjustable synchronization to fryer and to makeup line.
  • Each proofer section includes an exhaust system for fast adjustment to heat and humidity requirements.
  • Proofer conveyor can operate in 3 modes, Continuous run, cycle (follows fryer) and Auto load (runs at set speed, used to load proofer while fryer is off line).
  • Doors with viewing windows and optional door locks.
  • Continuous chain lubrication system.
  • Safety clutch, safety guards and E-STOPs in strategic locations.
  • Optional pass-through to allow access to both sides of a continuous production line.
  • Voltage options for worldwide power supplies.

Belshaw High Volume Industrial Donut Line from Belshaw Adamatic on Vimeo.