On the outside, a unique merchandizing system for making and selling donuts. On the inside, a sophisticated system with multiple clean air filters. And it operates from a single plug.

With its ability to produce and sell in any indoor location, the Insider is in a different class to other donut systems!

  • The Insider is on heavy duty casters and can be moved from one place to another. The exhaust hood is built-in and there is no exterior ductwork. You will need 50 Amp electrical service, however.
  • The Insider is designed to attract the interest of passers-by. With its large window viewing area and attractive appearance the Insider comes with great merchandising potential built in.
  • Customers in high traffic areas can watch the Insider frying donuts automatically. The operator has only to mix batter, fill the Donut Robot® hopper and bag donuts from the Roto-Cooler, a rotating tray that collects the donuts automatically.
  • The Insider accepts vehicle-style banner wraps (see photos) to further increase visibility.
  • The Insider eliminates the purchase and installation cost of standard ventilation and fire suppression hoods.
  • The Insider operates in a smaller footprint than other methods of producing and selling.
  • The Insider addresses fire prevention, air filtration, and sanitation requirements. Cabinet and fryers are tested by ETL and listed to UL-197, UL-710B, CSA C22.2 and NSF-4 standards.


84 inches (214 cm)


31 inches (79 cm)


91½ inches (232 cm)

With Donut Robot® Mark II

Cake donuts up to 30 dozen/hour

With Donut Robot® Mark II + Mini Donut Option

Cake donuts up to 30 dozen/hour + Mini donuts up to 79 dozen/hour

With Donut Robot® Mark II GP

Mini donuts (only) up to 102 dozen/hour

With Donut Robot® Mark V

Cake donuts up to 45 dozen/hour

With Donut Robot® Mark V + Mini Donut Option

Cake donuts up to 45 dozen/hour + Mini donuts up to 118 dozen/hour

With Donut Robot® Mark V GP

Mini donuts (only) up to 151 dozen/hour

Power with Mark II, Mark II GP

240 V, 60 Hz, 1-Phase, 36 A

Power with Mark V, Mark V GP

240 V, 60 Hz, 1-Phase, 50 A


ETL-certified to UL-197 (Safety), UL-710B (Ventilation), NSF-169, CSA C22.2, NFPA-96

Manual – Insider 22587-20, 22588-20, 22588-21, 22888-20 (english)



The Insider has been carefully designed with systems to comply with Safety, Sanitation and Clean-air Ventilation standards. Despite this, it is still wise to obtain early approval from local authorities.

  • What is included with an Insider:
    • Clean-air Cabinet, Donut Robot® fryer and Roto-Cooler.
    • EZMelt Filtration system is optional but recommended. Filter-Flo Siphon is an alternative.
  • Convenient design:
    • Large storage space at rear, enclosed by easy to use, well fitted doors.
    • Clear polycarbonate viewing windows. The front viewing window tips up for access to the interior. The rear windows slide horizontally. All windows are removable.
  • Ventilation and Fire Suppression:
    • Air recycling system, with fan-assisted grease filter, electronic filter, and odor filters.
    • Interlock system to ensure ventilation is active. Fryer is otherwise shut down or unable to start.
    • Fire suppression system (Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II, PLC-240/300). Operates automatically, also manually from a pull station.


    • Compatibility:
      • For standard size donuts, use Donut Robot® Mark II or Mark V.
      • For mini donuts, use Donut Robot® Mark II GP or Mark V GP.
      • For standard size AND mini donuts, use Donut Robot® Mark II or Mark V, along with Mini Donut Hopper/Plunger Kit, Part #MK-1502-1.
      • See Donut Robot Mark II/Mark V spec sheet for fryer specifications.
      • Not compatible with gas-heated Donut Robot® Mark II Gas or Mark II GP Gas.
    • Single 240V power connection
      • Insider with Donut Robot® Mark II/Mark II GP: 36 Amps
      • Insider with Donut Robot® Mark V/Mark V GP: 50 Amps
      • North America models supplied with NEMA#14-50 plug
    • Installation and usage may require approval by local jurisdictions. All Insiders are intended for installation in accordance with:
      • NFPA 96 – Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
      • The National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70
      • Other codes such as the International Mechanical Code (IMC), and the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC).


The Insider clean-air cabinet is fully self contained and houses a Donut Robot® electric fryer and Roto-Cooler, plus filtering options. You can choose to make either cake donuts (with a mini donut option), or you can choose a ‘GP’ machine for fast production of mini donuts only. For yeast raised donuts, choose one of the Insider Cake + Yeast systems. The Insider is mobile on casters. It needs only one plug to operate. It never fails to attract onlookers watching the donuts. With a vehicle-style wrap, it becomes even more of an attraction! For more reasons to choose the Insider over stand-alone donut systems, see the tab below marked “Benefits”. The Insider is electric only and not compatible with Mark II Gas fryers.