SF18 Shortening Filter

Filters shortening from 618L and 718LCG-LFG fryers. Not recommended for Zero Trans Fat shortening.


Filters shortening from 618L and 718LCG-LFG fryers. Not recommended for Zero Trans Fat shortening.

SF Filters are simple and efficient. The SF18 inserts directly below your Open Kettle fryer.

  • SF18 quickly filters out debris and fine particulates in 1-2 minutes.
  • To empty the filter mesh, tip the contents into any waste container and put the mesh back in place again.
  • To top up shortening level, add shortening to the fryer manually.

Warning: The EZMelt filtration system is recommended if you use Zero Trans Fat shortening! See “Comparison of EZMelt and SF filtration systems” below.

Use with Open Kettle fryers

618L, 718LCG, 718LFG





Comparing EZMelt and SF filtration systems

EZMelt Filters include a heating element to keep shortening warm. SF Filters do not include a heating element. This makes the EZMelt more convenient for Open Kettle and other fryers.

  • If Zero Trans Fat shortening is used, the shortening gradually becomes thicker at normal bakery temperatures. This can lead to pump blockages and failures with standard filters. Keeping the shortening warm overcomes this problem. The EZMelt does this, the unheated SF models do not.
  • When using SF model filters, you must filter shortening and pump it back to the fryer right away. If shortening is left in the filter for a long period it will become solid. It will be a difficult job to transfer this shortening manually to the fryer.
  • SF models do not include a direct hose connection to the fryer, because instant refills (using the pump) require warm liquid shortening. Shortening needs to be added manually to the fryer.
  • Refilling a fryer with shortening through a fixed connection to the fryer is faster and safer than any other method, such as dropping in shortening blocks. EZMelt models do this, SF models do not.
  • EZMelts can refill shortening with a push of a foot pedal. No cutting and inserting solid shortening blocks directly to the fryer!
    • To top up shortening level in the fryer, insert shortening manually.

      • SF Filters can be used with standard shortening products, EXCEPT Zero Trans Fat shortening. (See “Comparison of EZMelt and SF filtration systems” at right)
      • Includes a long-life synthetic filter screen. Screen needs replacement once per year under normal conditions.
      • 1 hose included as standard equipment
        • Rinse Hose – for refilling the fryer with shortening, after filtration is completed. Also for flushing debris while draining and filtering fryer.
      • Mobile on casters.
      • 120V or 240V, 50 or 60 Hz, 1-Phase.
      • Certified by ETL to NSF Std 4, CSA C22.2, and UL 1889.